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Our Collaboration with Roam Robotics


EAGLE, Idaho, June 2020


Willowview Consulting LLC (WVC) announces a recently negotiated contract to conduct Business Development activities with San Francisco based Roam Robotics, Inc, Having multiple Department of Defense (DoD) and First Responder contract clients, WVC has an outstanding deliverable record for its client base and this additional contract will be no exception.

WVC’s ( extensive DoD background, Special Forces combat veterans, Winning Business Development approach, vast Program Management experience, and robust network coupled with Roam’s novel technology will bring this exciting capability to various parts of the military and First Responders that have traditionally been slow to adopt new technologies. Additionally, WVC will support Roam’s New Product Development initiatives and capture Voice of Customer inputs to feed the next generation of technologies.

Roam Robotics, Inc ( builds devices that expand the boundaries of human mobility for all people. Ultimately, Roam will succeed when they provide solutions that millions of people integrate into their daily lives to stay physically active. The potential uses are endless: whether you are a skier or a hiker, a soldier or a gardener, Roam’s mission is help you push past your current boundaries and extend your ability to do the activities you love.

Willowview has been providing engineering services since 2003. Employing traditional engineering staff (EE, ME, AE, SE) as well as computer and systems engineers and program managers supporting product development, engaging in rapid prototyping, and providing engineering oversight to our government and commercial customers.

WVC is excited and very much appreciative of the opportunity to support Roam Robotics. We look forward to continued work together.

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