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Staying Healthy: Mind, Body and Soul

This blog was written by Bobbi Simmons, the Administration Assistant at Willowview Consulting.


We have recently been brought to our knees by a worldwide pandemic that has rapidly reminded us just how important our health really is--and not just physical, but our mental health. To be living with this fear of the COVID19 pandemic and simultaneously isolated from work, friends, and family is certainly having an undesirable effect on our minds and bodies. 

To make sure we do our part to help our team stay strong during these trying times, Willowview is teaming up with another small women owned business: 4LNS. We’re joining them to participate in the pilot launch of their wellness program, WarriorUp. 

What’s WarriorUp?

This program is a 90-Day Challenge that will include live broadcasts from various wellness experts across the country. Those broadcasts feature an array of healthy activities, like daily workouts, nutrition tasks, community interaction, and relevant educational experiences. 

The three pillars of the program are:

  1. Physical Supremacy

  2. Cognitive Dominance

  3. Emotional Resilience

Our team at WVC isn’t known to back down from a challenge, so we are very excited to see how we rank in this competition (oh yes--there’s ranking)! With such a wide range of capability and age on our staff, WVC has a little bit of everything and therefore a lot to offer. 

Plus, if the pilot program takes off, WarriorUp could potentially spread across the Treasure Valley. So this fits with our early adopter mindset, and we’re thrilled to support the first stages of such an important program. 

Finding a Balance

So many people sit behind a desk all day long and let the consequences of that take its toll on their bodies, myself included. I have worked hard to maintain that balance and am making time to take care of me. 

I am thankful that WVC feels the same and allows us as a team to better ourselves. They say healthy bodies and healthy minds perform better, and we cannot wait to put it to the test. 

Stay tuned for an update on our team’s progress…

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