Founded in 2003 by Mrs. Layne Lewis, Willowview Consulting has worked hard to earn the trust of clients ranging from privately held large corporations to small technology start-up companies and large government agencies.  The Willowview Consulting team works with our clients to develop innovative strategies and tactics to achieve success.

Our business began with an opportunity to assess a large government contractor's technology roadmap and strategy.  From there, additional engineers, business analysts and program managers were added to the team, enabling the business to expand quickly.

Our team currently provides engineering solutions, program management and training to companies and government agencies around the United States.  Our staff brings a wealth of experience from both the government and commercial arenas to fully understand product definition, development and acquisition processes.​​

Our “Just Enough” engineering methodology and an agile engineering approach, together with rapid prototyping, to get “things” in to customer’s hands quickly and at lower cost. 

Our staff has a diverse background and education. We have an average of 21.5 years of experience per employee and 6 patents amongst us. Our team includes previous Special Operations Forces Operators, Aerospace Engineers, Computer Science and Information Systems expertise, and Mechanical and Electrical Engineers. 

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