MARSOC Science & Technology Advisor

Since 2008, Willowview Consulting has acted as the Science & Technology Advisor to the Marine Corps Special Operations Command's (MARSOC) to implement and execute plans for technology insertion and development for the MARSOC operators.  Our deep knowledge of the Special Operations Forces (SOF) environment and needs positions us to do what we love and support our U.S. military members.




Working with partners around the world, the WVC team is developing several innovative products to make the world a better place.  

Visit P1ne.App.com for one example of our work!  P1ne.App will change the way we view exercise!!!


Engineering Plans



Working with several commercial companies, Willowview Consulting is developing next generation products in the food and agriculture industries to solve hard problems and provide them with a competitive edge in their respective markets. 


We use innovative processes and discovery learning in conjunction with rapid prototyping to develop new concepts and new products to drastically reduce the time-to-market.


Students Typing at Their Computers



Willowview Consulting offers training and subject matter expertise in support of training events for our clients.  Our classes are tailorable to your needs, and may include taking your project from concept to prototype as we teach your team the development process.

Current classes include:

  • Problem Definition

  • Project Organization and Design

  • Development and Prototyping

  • Verification and Validation

  • Production, Transition and Outreach

In all cases WVC will provide "on the job" training as we help bring an actual product to fruition for the client. Learn through our experience!