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Our WarriorUp Recap

This blog was written by Bobbi Simmons, the Administration Assistant at Willowview Consulting.

Working out the Kinks

Willowview has wrapped up our WarriorUp challenge to help 4LNS pilot their new wellness program app. Out of 70 pilot participants, WVC employees were ranked in the top 10 every single week.

What can I say, when we accept the challenge, we do it right! 😊

With any trial period, especially with applications, there are always kinks to be worked out–but this app has awesome potential. The people creating the content are phenomenal, highly qualified individuals from all over the country making you smile every time you use the app.

WVC was thrilled to participate and provide feedback/suggestions to improve the user experience. We pushed ourselves physically and mentally, stretching outside of our comfort zones to test every aspect of the application.

WVC's Ryan Kahre works out during the WarriorUp Challenge

Not only has this program brought healthier habits into our personal lives, this has been a fun and wonderful team building experience, challenging each other with a little friendly competition. 

Our Biggest Motivators

Many of us already utilize some sort of fitness app or activity tracker in our personal lives. But let’s be honest, do you use it every single day, without failure? Probably not.

Me either–don’t worry!

I usually get bored and lose interest which leads to me falling off track in my fitness progress. I know I am not the only one to feel the struggle of being consistent and accountable in getting my wellness activities in daily.

For me, having an accountability partner is my biggest motivator. For some, a little competition fires them up!

The coolest part about this app is that it meets both of those needs. The program is extendable to your close family and friends. Literally, anyone can participate with you in your challenge, keeping you on track, pushing you to the “uncomfortable” zone, and celebrating victories together. How cool is that??

Everyone is different in their motivational needs, but WarriorUp has got it figured out.

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