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The Circle of Life

This blog was written by Layne Lewis, President and Owner of Willowview Consulting.


As I sit here on a stormy October evening, I am alone at our ranch as the wind howls around me.  I hear nothing else except the coyotes and an occasional owl speaking its mind.  My husband left yesterday to sit with his Mother as his stepfather succumbs to illness at 92–another life fully lived. 

Here it is quiet, and I contemplate death, and life! Also soaking up images of my newest granddaughter – Odessa Gracelynne, who entered this world not even one week ago.  The circle of life.  The “dash in the middle”–celebrating a new life, while simultaneously mourning the loss of one.

In the midst of these two events, I myself have fallen ill – pneumonia. Possibly COVID-19.  As I sit here contemplating these events and my ”dash”, I offer some truths from my introspection today:

  • Keep Fitness a Priority.  Since I was 9 years old I have been involved in one organized sport or another and it truly has saved my life on occasion.  It has given me confidence when I had despair.  It has given me purpose when I had none.  It has given me strength when I was stressed or ill.  Today, I know that I can do all that needs to be done even with pneumonia.  I am an endurance athlete, I can persevere. 

  • Cherish family and friends.  My tribe may be small, but it is mighty.  I rest easy today knowing that if I need anything, at any time of the day or night, it is just a phone call or text away.  I remember this and work hard to never let the business of each day overwhelm me to the point of losing sight of this.  I make time for them.  Always.

  • Let go.  The summer months were pretty hard on me due to a myriad of business priority shifts.  While I may not have chosen the outcome, I have chosen to make the best of it and let go of my angst. My team has helped me determine our new path.  In doing this, we all win.  As part of this in September I made our company “employee owned”.  We all do well when the company does well.  I see no downside.

  • Work with Purpose.  I may not have my normal energy levels right now, but what energy I do have I am honored to give to my team.  To help keep our current projects moving forward and to develop new ideas.  Ideas that are meaningful to us and society as a whole.  Wait and see what we announce in the coming months!

  • Rest.  Sometimes the quickest path to health and success is to do nothing.  No worrying about what is not getting done.  No fretting about work, or a messy house.  No concerns about not being able to get my normal workouts in.  Just quiet time with a cup of tea and a book.  

I hope to tell you that I am better, back to my energetic feisty self in a few days, and with a negative COVID-19 test result!  But in the meantime, I will be quietly listening, both to the outside wonders of nature, as well as to my inner self to help heal me.

May you all have peace and health today.


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